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Dharmagiri St. Joseph’s Hospital

Medical Sisters of St. Joseph (Dharmagiri) is a Religious Congregation dedicated to St. Joseph, started in the year 1944 October 31st by Servant of God Rev. Msgr. Joseph C Panjikaran. On 19th February 1990 the Congregation was raised to the status of a Pontifical Congregation and on 5th August 1994 the Congregation was divided into four Provinces for administrative effectiveness. This Congregation is the fruit of the deep- God experience and the merciful love of our Founder. The aim of the Congregation is to provide total healthcare effectively and efficiently through its dedicated members, without any discrimination of caste, creed, sex or age in society. MSJ Sisters are committed to extend the compassionate love of Jesus Christ through hospitals, dispensaries, primary health centre, mobile clinics, Centres for physically, mentally, and socially challenged people, Para-medical training Centres, Retreat Centres, care for elderly persons(residential and non residential), orphanage, home for the destitutes, etc. St.Joseph’s hospital Mukkom established in1994, is run by the congregation of Medical Sisters of St. Joseph founded by Servant of God Msgr. Joseph C Panjikaran, a Visionary of the Age. This institution aims to impart the mercy & love of Jesus through medical services to humanity especially the underprivileged. It is located at Agastianmuzhi, Mukkom Mukkam Municipality in Kozhikode district, Kerala, in the diocese of Thamarassery. Rev.Msgr.Joseph. C. Panjikaran (1888-1949) was born on 10th September 1888, in a noble family at Uzhuva, in the diocese of Ernakulam as the 3rd child of late Mr. Chacko Panjikaran and Mariam Kanichattu. Way back in early thirties of 19th century when health was not considered as a principle issue the heart of this visionary was set on fire with zeal and compassion for the suffering & marginalized. Rev.Msgr.Joseph. C. Panjikaran who was moved by the word of Jesus Christ. “As long as you did it to the least of my brothern you did it to me” (Mt 25:40). His prayers and hard work a hospital was opened in the name of Dharmagiri Charity mount at kothamangalam, Kerala in 1934.




To be a contemplative in action by joyfully serving the poor and marginalized with compassion to bring about healing and wholeness.